Small game hunting

Do you enjoy exploring the forest in search of partridge, hare or woodcock? Our territory offers many opportunities for small game hunting! Whether you’re hunting for a day or as part of a longer stay, discover our different packages.


24-hour small game hunting package

Quebec Azimut Outfitters is one of the most beautiful places in Quebec to hunt small game. We have a magnificent territory with numerous lakes and coniferous and deciduous forests. Your hunting day also includes an overnight stay in a cabin right on your hunting site, close to an abundance of small game.

Enjoy a weekend of small game hunting

Extend your fall hunting pleasure by staying at our outfitter. You'll be able to hunt small game all day long before cooking your meal on the BBQ and enjoying a roaring fire. There's no better way to enjoy the fall season at its best in the Mauricie region!


All our packages include:

Our species

Small-game hunting at Quebec Azimut Outfitters gives you the opportunity to come across a multitude of species that thrive in the boreal forest. Our territory is located in zones 26 and 28, and small game hunting is permitted outside the moose hunting season.


Ruffed grouse

Ruffed grouse hunting is a tradition enjoyed by many hunters! Numerous on our territory, they appreciate the boreal forest for its camouflage.



Did you know that the hare is the most hunted small game in Quebec? Our vast forests are the preferred territory for this species, which you’ll find in large numbers at our outfitters.



A migratory bird considered a small game, the woodcock is present in large numbers. You and your canine companion will have a lot of fun trying to track them down in our wide open spaces.

Payment conditions

A deposit of 30% of the value of the package is required at the time of booking (non-refundable), plus taxes. Personal cheques are accepted for reservations. The balance of your stay must be paid 4 weeks before your arrival at the outfitter, by transfer, cheque or money order.

Plan an unforgettable experience at Québec Azimut Outfitter!


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