Whether you choose daily fishing or a fishing vacation, our many lakes and the Blanc reservoir will delight you with a multitude of species to tease: walleye, pike, lake trout and speckled trout will all be part of the action. No seeding is carried out at the outfitter, ensuring natural, wild fishing at its best.


Daily fishing

Easily accessible by train or car, the outfitter is ideal for daily fishing! Come and tease walleye and pike in the Blanc reservoir, or titillate lake and speckled trout in one of our many lakes.

Fishing and lodging

Treat yourself to a stay that includes fishing and accommodation in one of our 10 cottages, 7 of which are located directly by the lake. The ideal package for fishing and outdoor enthusiasts: a perfect excuse to get together with family and friends.

Swimming, canoeing, paddleboarding and more (rental available).

When season allows.



Pick season - From May 17 mai to July 15

3 nights

$475 per person

$950 per family

6 nights

$875 per person

$1,750 per family

Additional night

$150 per person

$300 per family

Low season - From July 16 to closure

3 nights

$440 per person

$880 per family

6 nights

$800 per person

$1,600 per family

Additional night

$140 per person

$280 per family

Package details

At Quebec Azimut Outfitters, a passion for nature is a family affair. That’s why we offer the following rates on our fishing packages:

Free for children under 12 years old.

Half price for children from 13 to 16 years old.

Our species

Fishing at Quebec Azimut Outfitters gives you the opportunity to catch four different species of fish, all native to your area, guaranteeing you a complete experience. Can you catch a quadruple?


Northern pike

The pike is renowned for its predatory nature. Combative and imposing, it is one of the most prized species among anglers. You’ll find it lurking in the tall grass, waiting for its next prey.

Quota : 6 pikes



Appreciated for its delicate flesh and savory taste, walleye is another species particularly prized by anglers, who will find it mainly in warm, calm waters, where it waits patiently for its next meal.

Quota : 6 pikes (from 12,6 to 18,5 in)


Speckled trout

A familiar sight on our waterways, speckled trout offer anglers a beautiful moment and flamboyant colors. Its pink flesh is delicious for an evening meal over the fire or on the BBQ. Why not try your hand at catching a beautiful speckled trout on the fly?

Quota : 10 trouts


Lake trout

Particularly fond of cold, deep waters, the lake trout promises a great time trying to catch it. Also known as grey trout, anglers love them for their large size, fighting spirit and simply divine taste!

Quota : 2 lake trouts

Payment conditions

A deposit of 30% of the value of the package is required at the time of booking (non-refundable), plus taxes. Personal cheques are accepted for reservations. The balance of your stay must be paid 4 weeks before your arrival at the outfitter, by transfer, cheque or money order.

Plan an unforgettable experience at Québec Azimut Outfitter!

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