Moose hunting

Follow in the footsteps of the king of our forests on an exceptional territory where the herd is comparable to the one in the Bas Saint-Laurent.


Moose hunting package

Located in zones 26 and 28, our exclusive territory offers several logs of different age groups, mixed deciduous and coniferous forests, wetlands and lakes. All the conditions are in place for a highly successful sector.

One moose per group, minimum 2 hunters

One moose per group, minimum 2 hunters

All-confort accommodation

Stay in a fully equipped cottage including stove, propane energy, hot water and more. Nothing better after a day wandering the woods in the hope of the long-awaited encounter.

For hunting areas that have a lake, the boat and the motor are provided so that you can enjoy some fishing.


Package details

Please note that the killing of a female moose, a calf or a 1.5-year-old bull (bull with a minimum 2.5-year-old pallet) is totally prohibited. A fine of $2,000 will be imposed for non-compliance with this clause.

Payment conditions

A deposit of 30% of the value of the package is required at the time of booking (non-refundable), plus taxes. Personal cheques are accepted for reservations. The balance of your stay must be paid 2 months before your arrival at the outfitter, by transfer, cheque or money order.

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